Emotional & Sexual Health


If you are feeling low or having feelings that you find confusing or upsetting, don’t suffer on your own.  For some options on who you can talk to, click here.

Drugs and alcohol

If you have questions about drugs and would like some impartial, objective answers, click here.  For more information about legal highs and steroids, go here.

If you (or other people who know you) are worried about how often you use drugs or drink and you would like some help, the Leaving Care Service can help refer you to get support with this.  Talk to your PA or LCW.  You won’t get into trouble.  There are special sorts of help that they can get for you, with your permission.

If you are worried about another person’s drinking or drug use, Gasped can help with impartial information and support.

Relationships: Healthy boundaries and keeping safe

Relationships can be wonderful, but they can be tricky as well.  What’s normal?  What’s not?  Here are some resources to help you when you are trying to figure things out.

If there is physical violence, threats, emotional blackmail or other serious problems in your relationship, you can get help.  It doesn’t matter if you are the person who is hurting your partner or if you are the person being hurt.  There is help available.  Talk to your PA.  They will help you find the right sort of support.

If you are 14 and over and have been raped, but you don’t want to directly involve the Police, you can get confidential help from the STAR Project.  They offer counselling, emotional and practical support.  Their helpline is 01924 292361.

Have questions about sex and sexual health?  Click here.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans or Questioning?

Mesmac is an organisation that helps support young people with their sexuality in a safe way.  They run a few groups in Wakefield for young people who are gay, lesbian, bi or questioning.  You can get condoms, dental dams and safe sex advice from them as well.

There’s also a separate group specifically for young people in the Wakefield area who are trans.  Check out their site here

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