Independent Living Allowance

Independent Living Allowance is a payment made by the Local Authority to maintain a young person’s income.  It is tied to the rate you would be paid if you were claiming Income Support.

The current Income Support rate is £57.90, which means the Independent Living Allowance is currently set at £57.90.

This allowance is made up of the following suggested elements.

Utilities                       £16.80 (29%)

Food                           £17.95 (31%)

Clothing/travel etc    £23.15 (40%)

Any element of the payment may be made in cash or kind dependent on placement type and assessed need.  E.g. For those young people who are living in a placement where utilities or food is provided the board element of this payment may be withheld or passed directly to the placement.

Payment is usually made by BACS on Friday.  Cash payments might be made, but only on an emergency basis.

Who gets it? 

Eligible and Relevant young people who are living independently and are actively seeking education, training or employment get the ILA.

Former Relevant young people get the ILA for up to two weeks after their 18th birthday.  This is to cover the time it takes for a benefits application to be processed.

If you are employed, your earnings will be taken into consideration when figuring out how much ILA you will get. If you are working part-time and in education, your earnings won’t be taken into account and you can keep the ILA and your wage.

Independent Living Allowance will not be paid if a young person receives Income Support or equivalent benefits.

‘Former Relevant’ young people who are in full-time further education should claim Income Support. However if a young person is not entitled to Income Support, Independent Living Allowance may be paid following an assessment of need.



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