New Belongings Launch Event

Today (8 December 2015) is the launch of a new project for care leavers, called ‘New Belongings’, this is a national project backed by the Care Leavers Foundation to ensure Leaving Care Services are at the top of the agenda of Council decision makers and service commissioners. Ensuring care leavers get the best services takes all agencies, projects and providers to work together to ensure the young people get the best start when moving to independence. One of the ways we will be launching the project is by having care leavers at the heart of the planning process, sharing their ideas where … Continue reading New Belongings Launch Event

Cafe Club – December 2015

December Café Club is all about Christmas 3 December – learn to cook Christmas favourites 10 December – 22 December – we’re cooking Christmas dinner!  Come by and have some food with us 24 December – Christmas Eve event Continue reading Cafe Club – December 2015

Healthy Relationships

When things go right, relationships are wonderful.  It’s only when things go wrong that you’ll need that little bit of extra advice and help. A good rule of thumb with a relationship is to ask yourself how you would feel if you saw a good friend of yours in the same situation. Healthy relationships make you feel supported and loved.  You feel like the other person really values and respects you.  You want to be around the other person because it is fun and because it feels right.  You feel like the other person wants to be around you because they … Continue reading Healthy Relationships